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Have more negotiating power when buying a new vehicle!

Don't Sell Your Car on Craigslist. You know why?
  1. 1. Low ballers
    A lot of people don't have the money to purchase your car as well as a lot of dealers will harass you to try to convince you that your car is not worth much and to sell it cheaper on the spot and pressure you with cash on hand.
  2. 2. Fakes & Flakes
    People will make promises they can't keep and drag you along and delay the whole process for you and waste your time.
  3. 3. High Liability
    The risk of getting tickets, getting the car impound and paying expensive fees, as well as being held responsible for accidents you are not guilty of before you release the liability of the car with the D.M.V.
  4. 4. Risk & Dangerous
    A lot of individuals have reported being scammed as well as the risk of getting robbed after you collect a cash payment before you deposit the money in the bank or somewhere safe.
  5. 5. Harrasment
    The buyer will harass you and give you trouble if the car you sold him breaks down when it could be simply their irresponsible careless driving causing it.

We take all those possible disaster scenarios away 100% guaranteed! Sell your car the easiest & safest way.
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Auctions are full of vehicles that were traded in by people like you and generate millions of dollars each month. New and used car dealers don’t make most of their money on Financing, GAP Insurance, Warranties or Aftermarket Products! They make their money on your trade in that they basically stole from you or under paid you on!

Transparency is the best way to earn our customers respect and trust so we are ready to reveal all the tricks of the trade. Before trading in your specialty or performance car or truck make sure you contact us for a hassle free cash offer!

Don’t be a victim of an impulsive bad decision when trading in your vehicle. Dealers have less opportunities of manipulating numbers with cash instead of a trade in.

We buy cars and trucks that are paid off or even if you still owe money on it!